Direct Results Turns TEN!

TREMENDOUS THANKS to our clients and vendor partners for a FUN-FILLED, INSPIRING and FANTASTIC TEN years! We appreciate your support, commitment to excellence, hard work and friendship. In partnership, we have shared challenges, long nights, and incredible growth and success. Cheers to teamwork – cheers to YOU!

In honor of our TEN year anniversary we’ve listed TEN things we’ve learned over the years.

  1. Small stuff does matter. Whether it’s sending someone a card, giving kudos for other’s accomplishments, or taking the time to go that extra step, it can make someone’s day. It’s the small details that make a difference and bring out the best in all of us.
  2. Never compromise when it comes to hiring staff. Always recruit and retain the best of the best who will help innovate and lead our company now and in the future!
  3. You’ve got to be KNOWN to be NEEDED, i.e. digital works better WITH broadcast. People exposed to a radio ad multiple times are more likely to do online research and take action to purchase.
  4. “ISCI” code means “Industry Standard Commercial Identifiers.”
  5. Be proactive – resolve issues before they arise. Doing so makes work a LOT more fun!
  6. No matter how many work related fire drills we have, nothing causes more office chaos than running low on snacks.
  7. For every $1 spent on radio advertising, brands see, on average, a return of $21 on their ad spend. SERIOUSLY… this is actually printed in many, many articles… smart, strategic radio works EVERY time.
  8. The best radio ads make us laugh, make us cry, teach, engage and drive RESPONSE!
  9. If you hear a great radio spot within an hour shopping, the chances of buying the advertised product dramatically increase. If your stomach is growling and a mouth-watering QSR ad plays on your favorite station as you drive by, you are almost definitely going to stop and buy a meal…or two.
  10. Radio still dominates the ear space. Radio was strong then, it’s strong now. Listeners love the entertainment, companionship, great tunes, and listening!

The last TEN years have been filled with collaboration, courage, boldness, blood, sweat, tears, fun AND exhaustion…but never boredom. There is SO MUCH EXCITEMENT in this world – grab yours EVERY day! We look forward to another amazing TEN years shared with you! THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN! Now GO FOR IT… and HAVE FUN along the way!

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