Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Direct Response Marketing in 2017

By February 10, 2017Ad Tech

While many things facing advertisers these days are uncertain, Direct Response Marketing is one thing upon which they can rely. Adding direct response to your marketing strategy will tangibly improve your advertising efficiency and effectiveness. Below are the top 5 reasons to incorporate Direct Response into your 2017 marketing plan.

1. Immediate Response.  Direct response marketing is centered around creating  a call to action. The primary goal of any direct response campaign is to increase sales or traffic by evoking an immediate response and encouraging consumers to take a specific action. If the message is clear and relevant and the media is well-targeted and effectively priced, you will secure your next sale at the right cost.

2. Track it.  By equipping your prospects with a specific call to action tool or location (i.e. calling a specific phone number or short code, using a promo code, visiting a unique URL/ website, or going to a specific store) you will know which ads and media your consumers are responding to and which ones they are not! You will gain valuable information about your advertising effectiveness including consumer engagement, response, and response cost.

3. Measure it.  As Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow explains, “Measurement is the key to success. Figure out what works, and do more of it.” Because you know what ads your consumers are responding to, and when they generate sales, you can compare different ads and media and determine which is most effective. Once you’ve determined your best strategy, you can optimize campaigns in real time, guaranteeing a return on your advertising investment.

4. Biggest Bang for your buck. said it best, “The name of the game with direct response marketing is ‘money at a discount’ e.g. $2 into advertising to get $10 out in the way of profits from sales.” Through tracking and measuring your advertisements you can implement what you learn to build a campaign that’s proven to receive the results you require while never wasting time or money on ineffective advertising.

5. Best of Both Worlds.  Branding is expensive and takes time to see results. With a branding campaign you may never know which ad inspired the sales and which ads didn’t work at all. However, with direct response advertising you’re able to generate sales and increase your revenue while building brand awareness at the same time. It’s a two-for-one deal and it’s actually cheaper!

Direct response marketing is the tried and true way for advertisers to connect with the target audience, increase sales and traffic, create brand equity, and track, measure, and optimize campaigns. This year, add direct response to your advertising mix and watch in awe as your marketing spend pays off.

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