Audio advertising is very powerful and effectively platform for meal kit companies

Online meal kit delivery services, hungry for new customers, rely on terrestrial radio, digital audio, and podcasting to build awareness and generate new business.

As a result of their success, meal kit companies have become a new audio advertising category. Meal kit companies employ two major trends seen in the consumer marketplace: convenience and health. As a result, this new genre of advertisers has grown substantially since their inception, earning over $1.5 billion in sales last year.


Major players such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket are now leveraging the power of radio to expand their businesses. Blue Apron increased their radio advertising spend from $293,000 in 2015 to $2.41 million in 2016. Hello Fresh has reduced it’s overall advertising spend in all media except radio. After not purchasing any radio in 2015, Hello Fresh invested $446,000 in radio in 2016 alone. Therefore, the company is shifting focus as it recognizes the importance of radio advertising.


Blue Apron, arguably the most successful company on the menu, includes all types of audio advertising in it’s media mix. Blue Apron was among the earliest adopters of podcast advertising and has since seen huge results.

Podcast advertisements are almost exclusively host-read and the personal endorsements by podcast personalities are powerful. Host are able to tailor the message to their audiences and add a unique personal touch.  Often they discuss their own use of Blue Apron and express satisfaction with the product.

As a result, these advertisements are incredibly influential. Podcasts are unique because listeners are actively listening and paying attention to the shows. They view hosts as a friend and a part of their lives. More importantly, listeners place extra value on recommendations from their favorite hosts. They trust their judgment and are motivated to purchase their advertiser’s products because they want to support their favorite shows. Blue Apron has been able to scale their growth with the rise of podcast listening and together the two have flourished rapidly in recent years.

Similarly, Hello Fresh and Sun Basket have jumped on the podcast bandwagon. These companies are partnering with major podcast media networks to advertise on their shows. This enables them to reach listeners across demographics and psychographics with the unique personal touch podcasts deliver.

Direct Response

The cherry on top? Podcasting has become a great platform for direct response advertising. Advertisers can reap all the benefits of podcast advertising while tracking and optimizing their media spend according to real results. This is especially significant for newcomers to the meal kit delivery service market. Those who can’t break the bank with an expensive advertising bill but need rapid growth in order to compete. Direct response advertising on podcasts and radio ensures that their advertisements will be cost effective and influential.

Meal kit companies, and all subscription services, need recognize the power of radio and audio advertising.

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