Major Media Execs on the Future of Radio Advertising

Recently, CMOs & major media executives have had a lot to say about the Power of Radio! Like Direct Results, they know how valuable radio is any advertising campaign.  They also understand that, as times keep changing, the industry needs to change with it.

Here’s what the top media marketers have to say about the past, present, and future of radio advertising:

iHeartMedia CMO Gayle Troberman says “Radio is becoming more and more of a digital business, so as we introduce things like smart audio and the ability to take smart insights and data and apply them to targeting broadcast sales, we’re starting to see a lot of the new skills from the digital marketing landscape become more important to the marketing radio landscape.”

Jesus Lara, General Manager of digital, content and entertainment at Univision Communications, credits their huge success with the Hispanic radio audience to their ability to reach audiences across all platforms on a national and local level.

Lara explains, “Content, of course, no longer lives on a single platform; it is omnipresent across multiple touch points. Simply distributing it is not the challenge. We must ensure that we can extract value from each touch point. We are looking at ways to leverage technology to ensure that our content can be consumed anytime and anywhere our audience wants to.”

Vice President of Corporate Communications at Radio One, Yashima White AziLove, explained “We started out as a radio company and have grown into a diversified urban media powerhouse. This is significant for our local and national advertisers. We aren’t ‘playing’ integration. We ‘are’ a total integrated marketing solution at its best.”

On a national scale, AziLove emphasizes that Radio One’s “ability to service advertisers is unparalleled. We can navigate clients from ideation and creative development, to executing on all platforms: local radio, broadcast, television, local/national digital and social. We reach 82% of black America and an unquantifiable number of people who have embraced black culture.”

Entercom CMO, Ruth Gaviria says radio is “the inception point of music discovery, local news and community engagement.  The power of radio is undeniable, and if you look at brands like Coca-Cola, Budweiser, AT&T and McDonalds, you can see the impact of smart, engaging radio advertising. This is a story that needs to be told with killer, creative, undeniable case studies, innovative consumer insights and top-notch technology and measurement tools.”

Gaviria also explains that, “On-air is the starting point for our relationship with our listeners, which creates trust and credibility. It is a relationship that is not replicated in other forms of media. This relationship is carried through to station websites, on-air personality podcasts, live streaming, experiential events, perks programs, fundraising and social media.” This ongoing dialogue allows “advertisers to take full advantage of the total range of our consumer touch points to enjoy the maximum impact of radio’s ROI.” 

Gaviria advises advertisers to recognize that “Radio is America’s No. 1 reach medium,” suggesting that “It’s time for media planners and advertisers to shift dollars from the increasingly fragmented world of television to radio if they want engaged consumers in an ad-friendly environment that is verified and strategic for their brands.”

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