The Power of Pandora

Pandora is a powerful media platform for advertisers

Advertisers questioning the power of digital audio advertising finally get some answers. Advertising on streaming sources such as Pandora has proven to be significantly more effective than other media platforms.  And there’s a few key reasons why.

  1. It’s the most listened to music streamer in the U.S.
  2. It’s a subscription service, meaning listeners are “opt-in” to the listening experience, including the advertisements.
  3. It reports 80+ million “active listeners” at the end of 2016, and that number is growing.
  4. “Active listening” is necessary to activate long term memory.
  5. Listeners are therefore more likely to remember ads heard on Pandora as a result of their “active listening.”
  6. Consumers need to be able to remember and recall advertisements in order for them to influence future purchasing decisions.
  7. It plans to help advertisers make the most of their campaigns.

Advertising on Pandora looks more promising than ever before. Let’s capitalize on this huge opportunity!