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How to Create Radio Ads That Engage Consumer’s Emotions

As part of their study “Radio and the Consumer’s Mind: How Radio Works” study, Radio Ad Lab identified 5 key components of effective radio advertisements.

#1 Start strong

Effective advertisements consistently include an involving point of entry. Radio ads should begin strongly with something that hooks listeners emotionally right at the start of the rest of the ad.

If you have an accident, did you know your insurance rates could go up by 40%?” is an example of effective ad copy that grabs listeners attention, engages their emotions, and motivates them to continue to pay attention to the ad.

#2 Use the right words

Effective radio advertisements use words that are sensory-laden, emotional, or empowering. For example, “Chunky Fajita Steak Soup…loaded with big chunks of steak” provides colorful and enticing details about the product that sparks emotional reactions of the listener in the middle of the advertisement.

#3 Mention your brand…often!

There is a clear correlation between brand recall and the number of brand mentions in an advertisement. While there is no magic number of brand mentions to use, mentioning your brand multiple times throughout the ad is very important. Additionally, mentioning your brand during those high points of emotional engagement will significantly increase brand recall.

#4 Keep them interested

Advertisements with strong and emotionally engaging copy throughout the entire spot are the most successful. Keep listeners interested throughout the advertisement with copy that is exciting, interesting, and enticing. For example, background music and an upbeat speaker can help to maintain listeners interest for the duration of the ad.

#5 Put it all together

While any of these advertising tips will help enhance your ad, using them all together has the greatest impact.  Thus, advertisements that start off strong, use emotionally engaging, sensory-laden words, mention the brand name often, and keep listeners interested are the most successful.

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