Radio advertising benefits: memorable, effective, and mood elevating

Recent research reveals two more INCREDIBLE benefits of radio advertising!  Radio ads are (1) more memorable and (2) elevate your mood, key advantages that make radio advertising uniquely powerful and effective.

A Neuroscience study found that because audio has connections to all brain functions, what we hear can actually influence our decisions. This creates a “big advantage” for audio advertisers.  Unlike video, audio can penetrate our brain’s encoding and memory processes whether we are fully paying attention or not. As Dr. Bradley Vines, director of Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, Europe explains, “This is ideal for connecting with non-conscious emotional associations and makes audio a powerful vehicle for developing brands in the mind of the consumer.” Because more than 80% of consumer decision-making is subconscious, audio advertising’s ability to position a brand in the “back of your head” gives advertisers who leverage the power of radio a compelling upper hand.

Not only is audio more memorable than TV, it also makes consumers feel good!  A recent USA Touchpoints study reveals the mood elevating powers of radio. As Paul Street, director of global research and analytics at USA Touchpoints parent Reality Mine, explains “We’re simply seeing people reporting themselves to be in a better mood while listening to radio.”

Radio Elevates Your Mood

Amy Vokes, senior VP of research and insight at Urban One adds that “There is a connection between the listener and that radio station, a feeling of comfort, a feeling of hope, connection and enjoyment. When you are in that environment and listening and connecting to that radio station there is no question that there is a higher propensity in the advertising environment for success.”

Radio’s unique connection to consumers makes radio advertising a highly valuable marketing strategy. It elevates the mood of your audience while reaching them in a way that can truly influence their purchasing decisions. According to Street, “We know that people purchase emotionally so to be able to tap into the emotions and leverage that for your message makes perfect sense. We know that people aren’t processing a lot of things rationally so it’s the emotions we can leverage for advertising.”

By investing in radio advertising you are effectively tapping into the minds of consumers in a crucial way. Radio ads make your brand more memorable AND make consumers feel better, more hopeful, and more confident in themselves, their decisions, and, by extension, your product or service. You can encourage your target audience to purchase your product at a moment when they feel good and are more likely to remember your messaging.

With advertising that is more effective and more enjoyable, you will beat your competitors and grow your business better and faster than ever. Please contact us to get you started on your next radio campaign.