Last Month we highlighted the benefits to advertisers of adding radio to direct response marketing campaigns. This month we continue with the theme of the Power of Radio and how advertisers benefit. Radio advertising drives excellent awareness, engagement, sales, ROI and here’s why…


It’s Reliable

As Van de Burgt, executive VP of media at USA TouchPoints, explains “radio is a very viable media and continues to be a strong part of the American culture in the way in which consumers operate through their day or through their week. The world continues to change but radio remains very strong as it relates to those areas where competitors are trying to infringe on their audience.” Reaching 93% of adults every week, radio has the highest reach across all media platforms. What’s more significant is that, unlike other media, radio’s incredible reach is consistent across demographics. Radio reaches 92% among 18-34 year-olds, 95% for persons aged 35-49, and 92% of people aged 50+. According to over two years of research, Nielsen’s Managing Director of Audio, Brad Kelly, found that, on average, radio gets an 8-to-1 Return on Investment. You can always count on radio to effectively reach your target audience, deliver your message and produce real results.


It’s Mobile And It’s Everywhere

Radio is available 24/7. According to a recent report by Verto Analytics radio connects with 80% of consumers out of home while video only connects with 55%. Consumers can listen to radio on their daily commute, at their jobs, at the gym, and in their homes. Radio remains our most used audio platform, and with the growing prevalence of smartphones, listeners are taking advantage of radio broadcasters’ phone apps to tune in. According to Edison Research’s Share of Ear Study 50% of Americans audio time is spent on radio. Advertising on the radio creates opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers throughout their day, enabling advertisers to engage with customers at multiple points, regardless of location, and tailor messaging to a variety of settings and activities.


It’s Influential

Radio’s influence is unparalleled, especially when it comes to consumer purchases. Radio is often the last thing a consumer hears before making a purchasing decision. According to USA TouchPoints, “Radio’s ubiquitous in-car presence is such that more purchases are made within 30 minutes of radio listening than are made after tuning into satellite radio, streaming audio, and downloaded music combined.” Radio’s influence extends into the home, leading to greater online research and online purchases. Nielsen found that people exposed to a radio ad three or more times were more likely to do online research and take action to purchase. Radio’s influence also stems from it’s unique ability to connect and engage with listeners. Radio has a loyal audience and listeners trust their favorite personalities. When listeners tune in they are hoping to learn something, whether it’s the weather report, the news, traffic conditions, or just finding new music, radio’s audience is purposefully suggestible from the moment they tune in.


Advertising on the radio offers unique and significant advantages for advertisers. With radio, advertisers will connect with the target audience often and anywhere they may be while delivering a message from a trusted source that influences consumers’ decisions.

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