Radio & Audio Advertising: What to Expect in 2017

2017 Radio & Audio Advertising Insights & Predictions

In 2016 we witnessed change and improvements in the audio industry and 2017 looks incredibly promising for advertisers.  As commute time lengthens, so does time spent listening.  As satellite subscriptions and usage of streaming increases, so do our listening options.  Your new radio engagement opportunities are endless.  We kick off the year highlighting the top three exciting TRENDS to WATCH in 2017.

Listening increased 21% this past year.  The podcast audience is now 57 million Americans.  Podcasting has an unparalleled ability to connect with the audience, set advertisers apart from their competition, and promote brand loyalty.  A 2016 Edison Research Study determined that “65% of podcast listeners say ads increase their likelihood of purchasing a product, while 45% claim they often visit a sponsor’s website after hearing a message.”  Industry experts predict improvements as this audio platform “stratifies into the hard layers in 2017,” producing better analytics and metrics for advertisers.  In 2017, advertising on podcasts promises growth and marketing success.

Radio is the most preferred traditional media among digital advertisers according to a 2016 Borrell Associates study.  Nearly half of surveyed advertisers rely on radio to drive digital marketing goals.  Radio has a unique ability to connect with audiences everywhere, especially in local, harder-to-reach markets.  When combined with traditional radio, digital advertisers saw more connectivity and significantly improved reach, creating newfound optimism for radio broadcasters.  Radio drives digital traffic.

Traditional/ Terrestrial broadcast radio continues to dominate across all audio platforms.  Throughout 2016 major media and data analytics organizations such as Radio InkeMarketer, Inside Radio, and Edison Research consistently report radio as the top audio platform with the largest percentage of engagement.  Radio reaches over 93% of U.S. consumers weekly and over 95% of consumers with a household income exceeding $75,000.  Radio remains the most effective audio platform for advertisers to target consumers, drive response, and get the results needed to achieve ROI goals.

Cheers to you in 2017!  We look forward to working together and to another successful year!

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