AM/FM Radio is the ad medium you can rely on.

When it comes to knowing if your advertising dollars are working, radio is the only medium to rely on.

Television – a radio competitor – is not a reliable advertising platform.  Most people don’t watch ads on TV.  They often ignore them, look at their phones, rewind through them or leave the room. Therefore, we can’t assume that the number of viewers a TV show is the same number of people actually watching your ad.

A recent study by the Council for Research Excellence reveals that viewers eyes are on TV ads only 39% of the time. 61% of the time TV commercial audiences do not watch TV ads.  When TV ads come on 40% of the audience is looking at their phone or tablet. 21% of viewers are not in the room.

Radio delivers ROI, fequency and reach

Other mediums fare far worse than TV.  Magazine ad exposure is 30% lower than TV. Erwin Ephron, the “father” of modern media planning explains “Using TV as the baseline of 100, my estimate is a Magazine reader, as measured by MRI, has a 30% lower probability of seeing an ad than a TV viewer, as measured by Nielsen. The reasons? Print readership counts are inflated and many reported issue readers don’t turn every page.”

Online advertising exposure is also startlingly low. Only 2% of Facebook video ads are considered viewable. Online advertising also comes with the risk of associations with competitors or objectionable content.

Digital advertising not reliable. Radio is reliable.

AM/FM radio delivers the audience it promises.

Radio advertising measurements are reliable and factual.  PPM accurately measures the number of people who hear your ad on the radio.  PPM does not over-count the audience.  It reports hearing for radio, which is exactly what advertisers need to know – how many people heard their radio ad. Whereas the TV peoplemeter measures the number of people in the room when an ad is on. Since most people leave the room or don’t pay attention, it cannot accurately report how many people actually watched the ad. Radio is the only media that allows advertisers to accurately determine ad exposure in relationship to media spending and consumer response.

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