Let’s talk about Smart Speakers.

Smart speakers, such as Amazon’s Alexa, are slowly becoming the latest fad.  A recent study by Edison Research and NPR explores how smart speakers are entering peoples lives.

Here are some key findings their Smart Audio Report:
  1. 45% of Smart Speaker owners plan to purchase another Smart Speaker.
  2. 52% of Smart Speaker owners keep their speaker in their living rooms.
  3. 47% of Smart Speaker owners report that they use their speaker more often than they did the first month after purchase.
Results of the Smart Audio Report

Clearly, Smart Speaker ownership is on the rise. 42% of participants say that their Smart Speakers are essential to their everyday lives. But, why does everyone want a Smart Speaker?

The study finds that people want Smart Speakers because:
  1. 90% say to listen to music
  2. 87% say to ask questions without needing to type
  3. 86% say it seemed like a fun new gadget
  4. 77% say to listen to news and information
  5. 71% say to control audio with your voice
  6. 69% say to make it easier to do things
  7. 65% say because of the sound quality
  8. 63% say to set alarms
  9. 53% say to discover new songs
  10. 48% say to control smart home devices
  11. 44% say to listen to talk radio/sports talk
  12. 40% say to listen to podcasts

Smart Speakers enable us to use cutting edge technology to further ease the hustle of our daily lives. As a result, they become an essential part of owner’s daily lives. That’s why 65% of Smart Speaker owners say they wouldn’t want to go back to life without their Smart Speaker. Furthermore, 40% of people say their Smart Speaker has had an impact on their lives.

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