Sponsoring radio station events offers advertisers an incredibly effective advertising opportunity unique to radio.

These events are so successful because they provide both advertisers and broadcasters with incredible opportunities to drive growth and revenue.

Radio stations often host popular, local events in their area. These events are highly publicized and anticipated by the community. Additionally, they often feature musical performances by popular artists and appearances by station personalities and celebrities. As a result of their success, the prevalence of station hosted events has grown dramatically in recent years.

Station’s hosting concerts, festivals, and events enhance their position within the local community and provide advertisers with a one-of-a-kind platform to reach targeted consumers and build brand awareness. As Inside Radio explains, “Indeed, the ever-growing prominence of local events offers a shot at a triple bulls-eye. It is an obvious win for radio stations; a win for companies, corporate entities and local service providers that serve as sponsors; and a win for station listeners participating in a one-off with favorite artists or near-and-dear causes.” 

Sponsoring radio station’s events differentiates your brand among competitors.

As consumers become more interested in buying experiences instead of things, advertisers that participate in these events are given an extra edge. As Dan Mason, former CBS Radio CEO and senior advisor for Broadcast Relations at iHeartMedia explains, “Today, concerts and events continue to grow in number because it gives an advertiser the ability to separate themselves from that flow of commercials.” Additionally, sponsorship at radio station events positions advertisers as part of the fun, a contributor to the party. This association results in huge returns for advertisers across industries.

According to Borrell Associates 64% of local advertisers say event marketing is “successful.” In a June 21st Report Borrell Associates found that 48% of local ad buyers have “sponsored a community event, 34% have bought a booth at a show and 40% say events are ‘very’ to ‘extremely’ important to their marketing strategy.” Advertisers should capitalize on the excitement surrounding these events and the opportunity to differentiate their advertising among competitors. Sponsorship at popular events also enables advertisers to significantly increase brand awareness and, more importantly, brand loyalty.

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